Too Much F**king Music!

I’m pretty sure that if I devoted every waking hour of the rest of my life to finding cool new bands or artists I’d come nowhere near uncovering all the bands that I could potentially love. Good music, amazing music is often just hidden away on myspace or in the back of some low budget film dying to be discovered and unleashed upon the world. For years my friends rightly branded me as a “music snob” with a limited, one-dimensional taste in music. When asked about my favourite bands I took pride in replying “you probably wouldn’t know them” with a big shit-eating grin on my face.

I’ve since seen the errors of my ways and kept an open mind about what’s worth listening to. Having long confined myself to strands of alternative music such post-rock and the peripheries of punk and metal, I recently got into more acoustic and accessible stuff while also dabbling in some techno and electronica. What’s more, I’ve grown to embrace those cheesy pop songs I secretly loved but was far too proud to admit enjoying.

This newfound open-mindedness coupled with replacing my 4gb ipod nano with a 120gb ipod classic has resulted in a monstrous influx of cool new music. Unwilling to download everything at once for fear of listening to only half, I’ve taken to drawing up a list of what merits further inspection. Most of these aren’t even new bands they’ve been around for ages but I’ve never come across them or given them a chance. The list currently stands at 25. I plan on wading my way through it bit by bit over the coming weeks documenting the various high and low points. However as I’m king of procrastination it’s destined to be a long and arduous process.

There’s no escape from it either. Good music is everywhere. Ads on TV are a common source, I recently got hooked on Aussie singer Lisa Mitchell after hearing her single Neapolitan Dreams in an ad( no clue what it was for but they sure picked a great song). The new O2 ad is another prime example, a fairly savage choon from Florence and the Machine (one of the bands on the list incidentally) is featured and suddenly everyone’s on google and youtube trying to find it.

Even locally there’s a surprising degree of talent. Opting for gigs over clubbing more and more these days, I’ve stumbled upon some really great Cork and Irish bands who could easily mix it with the big names if they just got the right exposure. It’s frustrating to be surrounded by such a volume of great music knowing that your only scratching the surface. I could make a start on that list, but I’m feeling kinda lazy, maybe I’l just watch TV, ah bollox the ads are on…

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