Low Level Owl – The Appleseed Cast

Low Level OwlHaving two brothers in a band has some advantages. One of which is they often hear about excellent bands both locally and abroad who may not exactly be household names. Kansas based The Appleseed Cast are an example of one such band. To my brothers eternal credit, he for once went further than merely mentioning the band and actually downloaded their double LP Low Level Owl; Volumes 1&2.

Maybe it’s because I was in a very chilled out mood when I listened to the 26 tracks from start to finish but even on first hearing I could tell my bro had found a gem. Mixing understated guitar sequences and soft echoed vocals with repetitive hushed effects gives the LP a distinctly ambient feel. Post-rock influence is apparent throughout, with nine instrumental songs featured. It’s clear that the atmosphere the band wanted to create was central to the album’s production as several songs are short pieces of simple guitar complementing gentle keyboard tones and minimalist effects, similar in a way to Sigur Ros.

When the band do decide to make use of their voices they do so in a discreet, unique way with the vocals almost buried beneath the music. Tunes such as Steps and Numbers, Mile Marker, Rooms and Gardens and Reaction however prove that the American 4-piece are capable of uptempo sounds bordering on indie. This double LP shows a wide range of influences and has the potential to appeal to a wide range of listeners from fans of Coldplay and Snow Patrol to out-and-out post-rock lovers. If your in need of a relaxing musical journey I’d recommend just kicking back with Low Level Owl.

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