A Comedy Classic


Tonight I decided to go see The Hangover the new Todd Philips comedy. I went with high expectations as I’d read good reviews, the trailers looked funny and mainly because Philips also directed Old School probably my favourite comedy film of all time. I’m glad to say it lived up to expectation as Philips once again conjures up 100 minutes of comedy gold.

The Hangover falls into the category of “guy comedy” which appeal equally to both male and female audiences but tend to focus on the adventures of young men, in this case on a stag night. Before the film started I was wondering if it would follow the path of American Pie and Old School and throw up several ridiculous scenarios for the main characters or would the comedy be centred on witty one-liners similar to Anchorman. The Hangover however,  combines both seamlessly.

The mix of characters is pivotal in creating the perfect balance in any “guy comedy”. In Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) Philips ticks all the boxes; the cool fun-loving one, the supposedly sensible doctor and the downright bizarre brother-in-law. The movie follows our three heroes as they retrace their steps the morning after a night nobody remembers in a desperate attempt to find their best friend Doug, whose wedding is imminent.

Despite one or two cheap laughs including a cameo from Mike Tyson and The Dan Band the film doesn’t grow predictable and cheesy as others have done in the past. The hilarity and absurdity continues right up to the credits, which are definitely worth a watch. With lines expertly delivered by Galifianakis and scenes which leave your ribs aching from laughter The Hangover takes it’s place with all the other classic comedies of the past decade.

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