Angles – Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

AngelsI first came across this duo on the release their debut single Thou shall always killin 2006. Immediately Pip’s unique vocal style coupled with his inspirational lyrical content stood out. The pair were previously solo artists, Le Sac a laptop musician/DJ specialising in electro and dance, Pip a spoken word artist with a jazz influence. Unlike many interesting collaborations which fail to properly mesh, Lec Sac and Pip combine their contrasting musical styles to brilliant effect in their debut album Angles, released in 2006.

Pip’s lyrical wizardry is the striking feature throughout the 12 tracks but, striking as it is, it doesn’t overshadow Le Sac’s masterful beat mixing and the way in which the two combine to form a cohesive sound. Their wide-ranging musical influence shines through in Anglesrendering the album virtually impossible to categorise into any specific genre. For the most part they stray between the boundaries of hip-hop and electronica but dabble in some alternative rock also, most notably in A letter From God to Manwhich includes a sample from Radiohead’s Planet Telex.

Look for the Woman, a mournful love ballad, was the duo’s second single release and showed the pairs potential for commercial success reaching No.1 in the UK Indie chart. Songs like Tommy C, Fixed and Waiting for the Beat to Kick In are more classic hip-hop with Pip’s sharp lyrics delivered over basic old-school beats. While a more electronic style is audible in Rappers Battle, Angles and Magicians Assistant. This album shows the highs that can be reached when two artists from totally different genres combine with equal input and with the aim of creating an original sound, take note LinkinPark and Jay-Z.

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