An Inconvenient Truth


Last night I watched High Fidelity, Stephen Frears quirky comedy based loosely on Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel of the same name. The film portrays the ups and downs of lead character Rob Gordon’s (John Cusack) love life flicking constantly between past and present tribulations. The 113 minutes provide great entertainment due in no small part to Cusack’s performance which involves constant interaction with the camera.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I couldn’t help but draw some worrying parallels between myself and the self-destructive Gordon. Fortunately non of these similarities are based in career prospects or love life but rather in Gordon’s sense of elitism in terms of artistic opinion. Gordon, along with Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Jack Black) run a small, alternative record store brimming with rare pieces which the average Joe wouldn’t be familiar with. The three constantly critique each others tastes and go to great lengths to prove why their’s is in fact the best.

Having been branded a “music snob” for years by most of my friends I looked on with interest. While I rested assured I was far from the offensively, in-your-face-snobby Jack Black, I couldn’t say as much about Cusack. It was all too familiar, a Cusack (my own surname) judging all those around him solely by their taste in music and film. At one point he even confesses that personality is not paramount in his criteria for a suitable girlfriend, much more pressing is her taste in music, film, television etc.

Im grateful to have witnessed just how pretentious music snobbery can be and would like to think that the film served as a sort of wake-up call. No longer will I yield to a sense of elitism, or believe that my opinion is better than anyone else’s. After all an opinion is a personal thing which cannot be measured or tested. And yet, here I am documenting this in my blog, why do I have a blog?……’cos my opinion’s better than yours!

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One Response to An Inconvenient Truth

  1. karicahill says:

    brilliant cusack

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