My Kind of Noize!

On Thursday I ventured up the M8 to Dublin to see one of my favourite DJ’s,Boys NoizeBoys Noize, performing in UCD. It’s a source of constant frustration that the students union in UCD manage to get gigs such as Boys Noize and other big names while my own university, UCC, can barely manage to dig up decent student bands to perform. Still, it gives me a good reason to visit friends in Dublin and I’m always guaranteed a good night once I’ve escaped the monotony of Cork’s nightlife.

The venue was UCD’s student bar. A relatively huge bar lacking in any thrills, just a dancefloor, stage and bar. As a venue its perfect for this kind of gig although the crowd can be somewhat suspect. Last year I saw Digitalism perform there and it was much the same…enjoyable from a safe distance. Any sort of close proximity to the stage ensures an uncomfortable amount of bashing, punching, falling, jumping etc.

Once onstage the Hamburg native threw down an impressive set consisting almost entirely of tracks from his new album Power. Having only heard one or two new tracks on his MySpace I wasn’t altogether familiar with the set but got well into it all the same. The electro master seems to have again produced an album of hard-hitting electro/tech house which just makes kids want to go crazy.

I was a little disappointed not to hear favourites such as “&Down” or “Oh” but was still relishing the new tunes. The end of the set was suitable frantic, BN hinted at dropping his crowd favourite “My Moon, My Man” but instead blasted streets hit “Blinded by The Lights”.

Here’s a video of “Kontact Me”, a favourite of mine off the new album, performed at ECD earlier this year, check it out.

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