Here’s to Heineken

I genuinely feel like I owe Heineken something at this stage. Not only did I experience great gigs in both Carlow and last night in the Cork Opera House, but in Marina and the Diamonds and The Kissaway Trail I have discovered two supremely talented acts. They may have made a complete bollox of things in Dublin but last night was a very impressive showing form green spheres, the sound was outstanding and White Lies didn’t disappoint in putting on a show.

When I managed to overcome my initial self-loathing for missing Neon Indian, I turned my attention to The Kissaway Trail, a Danish outfit I knew nothing about. It didn’t take long for me to realise that weren’t just your run of the mill support act…for one thing, the bassist was playing with a broken hand! Claiming influences from the likes of The Beach Boys and Sonic Youth the band creates a sound that’s hard to classify. As all five lend their voices to the cause so there’s no shortage of melodies. With drummer Mydtskov’s snare and symbol thumping coupled with Corneliussen offering low-key synths, the band succeed in creating an overall epic sound. The best part is the fact that they seemed to really love being on stage.

White Lies had a hard act to follow, but they did so in some style. Their performance centred on charismatic frontman Harry McVeigh, whose distinctive vocals didn’t so much as quiver despite this being the last gig on their current tour. Unsurprisingly for a free gig, it was the singles that were best received. To Lose my Life was an altogether thrilling experience, as was The Price of Love but the highlight was unquestionably the last in the band’s trio of encore tunes, Death. A suitably hectic way to bring the curtain down an a fantastic performance.

The night however, was not without one major flaw. Heineken failed to provide a sniper to pick off the litany of shitheads who clearly went along because they knew there was a free bottle in it for them. Confused and frightened the mob retreated to the safety of “ole ole” chants, unaware that it was not in fact, Italia ’90. The display got worse when McVeigh’s cry “come on” was met by a chorus of “whoa whoa whooo”, I can’t decide if cringeworthy or vomit-inducing is a more apt description. My faith in mankind was well and truly extinguished when I heard a girl express her desire to leave early, “to beat the queue to Cubins”. Later when Dj Rob Da Bank(in front of an empty dance floor) blasted A-Track‘s remix of Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I thought; ‘fuck mankind, I’m having my fun, and that’s all that matters!’

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3 Responses to Here’s to Heineken

  1. Andrew O'Donoghue says:

    “Later when Dj Rob Da Bank(in front of an empty dance floor) blasted A-Track’s remix of Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I thought; ‘fuck mankind, I’m having my fun, and that’s all that matters!’”


  2. George says:

    My thoughts exactly. When we’re famous you can do press releases for us. p.s come to Daves play tonight, im going again!!

  3. Kyle McEnery says:

    that A-trak remix has been in a constant loop in my room for 2 days, i think im dying !

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