F*cking Good Buttons

Last Wednesday experimental two-piece Fuck Buttons brought their unpredictable live show to Cork’s Crane Lane Theatre. For some inexplicable reason it was my first visit to what is definitely one of the city’s best venues. I’d heard much about the Bristol duo but hadn’t gotten around to properly giving them a listen. So when I was reminded of their free gig on Wednesday morning I jumped onto myspace and got myself suitably acquainted with their style of electronic-drone to be excited for the show.

One of the reasons Fuck Buttons came so highly recommended to me is because they seem to form some sort of middle ground between the post-rock I’ve been addicted to for years and the more electronic stuff I’ve recently immersed myself in. Inspired by the likes of Mogwai and Aphex Twin, this cross-genre influence is apparent throughout the bands two albums and indeed the live show itself.

Wednesday’s live show lasted for little over one hour but with admission free we could have no grounds for complaint, especially as the set was an unbroken progression from the extremely experimental to the more structured. The set ranged from the utterly bizarre to the downright brilliant, such is the nature of Fuck Buttons. The opening half of the set saw Benjamin John Power blend vocal effects with erratic drumming. The latter stages had a more progressive feel to it which seemed to find favor with the crowd. All in all the show was pretty sweet even if brief. Fuck Buttons are definitely worth a listen for anyone whose loyalties lie in post-rock or experimental electronic or indeed anyone with an open mind, you mightn’t like all of it but some parts are destined to blow you away.

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