Hitting all the Right Notes

The Quad bar was the scene for yet another great free gig in Cork last Wednesday. These recession-busting pearls of entertainment are coming thick and fast these days but Wednesday’s gig served up something a little different and a little brilliant. Toby Kaar‘s set may have been only 30 minutes in duration but it was long enough prove that this is one Corkconian with tremendous talent.

Having come highly acclaimed by post-rock and electronic fans I was curious to see what Kaar had to offer. It was a first for me to see the stage area of the Quad devoid of drums, guitars and the likes. Armed only with his laptop and button riddled gadgets Kaar created an atmospheric blend of ambient beats mixed with low-key electronic. With Fuck Buttons still ringing in my ear from their Crane Lane outing Kaar‘s similar cross genre fusion came at the perfect time.

Cork is blessed with a plethora (that’s right I said plethora) of musical talent. Both the alternative rock and DJ scenes are alive and kicking in the people’s republic. What is lacking is the originality Kaar provides. The half and hour progressive set had a little bit of everything from minimalist drone to heavy bass-centred electro and showed real innovation and a creativity which was well worth the entrance fee…well you know what I mean.

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