Chew Lips – Unicorn


Unicorn is the debut album of electronic trio, Chew Lips. The 10 tracks serve up a brand of low-fi electropop sure to gain the South-Londoners much attention in 2010. Fronted by charismatic singer “Tigs”, the band have drawn comparisons to the likes of PJ Harvey and Blondie. Will Sanderson and James Watkins complete the outfit, dabbling in just about everything from bass and synths to guitar, piano and drums.

Prior to Unicorn‘s release Chew Lips got people talking with the release of Salt-Air an electro-indie anthem. The single however, along with acclaimed track Solo, is omitted from Unicorn, inspiring online rumours of a concept album. What is apparent is that, while Chew Lips have the electro-pop party starter in their arsenal, Unicorn is more of a progressive compilation than a collection of possible singles. Play Together, the first single from the LP,is the only offering of a catchy chorus mixed with upbeat, feet tapping synths.

Tigs’s distinctive vocals form the core of ChewLips’ sound, but the trio are anything but limited, with their array of influences shining through on Unicorn. Seven and Two Hands would fit right into any 80’s disco compilation while Gold Key and Karen are out-and-out indie rock with more than a hint of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The album is drawn to a fitting close with the mournful drone of Piano Song. With electro-pop dominating the indie charts it’s easy to get lost among the crowd, Chew Lips’ varied, infectious sound is destined to make them stand out in 2010.

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