Premiership Season 2009-2010: Top 5 Moments

Disclaimer: Written from the perspective of a devoted ManU fan with scant regard for impartiality.

5 – Bullard’s Celebration

Saying you don’t like Jimmy Bullard would rank right up there alongside hating Santa, he’s probably the most liked player in British football due to his care-free play with a smile attitude. When he scored a late equalizer from the penalty spot against City he reenacted one of the most bizarre and ridiculous displays of management I’ve witnessed in my years following football. Phil Brown’s infamous on-pitch outburst deserved and almost needed to be laughed at and Jimmy’s cheeky mimicry did the trick brilliantly.

4 – Step Forward Danny Rose

The North London derby is always one of my favourite fixtures. Spur’s impressive form made this seasons clash with Arsenal that bit tastier. When the teams flashed up on the screen I, like most others I’d imagine was had one thought – who the fuck is Danny Rose? Ten minutes later we got our answer.

3 – Well He Does Score Goals

So I’m hung over in the backass of nowhere after my friend’s birthday. My equally fanatical but less hung over accomplice drags me to the pub to watch the Manchester derby. God, I fucking hate City. United dominate, much to my surprise, ever the pessimist I’d feared a rout in favour of the home side. Possession and territory count for very little though when you’re chasing an in form Chelsea. Then up pops that little ginger wizard. Paul Scholes is by some distance my favourite ever United player and this header typifies what he was best at in his prime. Last minute, last effort and it’s a double over City, hangover erased.

2 – Welcome to United

Owen had failed to really impress since his arrival at Old Trafford but he could hardly have won the fans over in more dramatic style. In what must be one of the games of the season his brilliant last-minute finish sparked bedlam in the stands on and on the side-line before Hughsy got all upset over the time. A brilliant game, a brilliant goal and Owen is a United player, even if he never scores again.

1 – Face in the Crowd

Football often throws up something unexpected, that’s why so many love the game. Sport in general is fantastic entertainment because while there may be favourites and predictions, the fact remains nobody knows what will be the outcome and when the unforseen unfolds live before thousands of viewers it really is something special. But sometimes we get more than just an unbelieveable result or performance, we get to witness genuine human interaction at its best. Who says there’s no place for reality TV?  When referee Mike Dean sent Arsene Wenger to the stands in one of the opening games of the season it was a truly remarkable spectacle. The Frenchman had just seen Van Persie’s last-minute strike ruled out for offside after United had scrambled back from a goal down to muster a 2-1 lead, suddenly he finds himself amongst the Old Trafford faithful, camera phones going like the clappers and the referee apparently out of ideas, all in all it was a bad day at the office, but for United fans it merely added to the occasion.

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